Bird Shop

For pictures of the different species and mutations please consult our photo gallery section. No bird will be offered for sale unless there is a picture available in the gallery section.

Conditions of sale: All birds are sold with a 100% warranty of satisfaction, entailing that when a person receives a bird(s) that he/she is unhappy with, the bird is to be returned on the first available flight (at the cost of the seller – only transportation cost), where after the buyer will be given the option of having the bird replaced or a full refund.

All birds sold are young (offspring of current breeding season only), close banded rung and mostly not sexed. Sexing can be arranged at a local vet at an additional cost of R 40.00 per bird.

Transportation to any airport within South Africa can be arranged at an additional cost of R 250.00 (inclusive of the travel box). Birds can however only be shipped over weekends (Saturdays & Sundays).

All birds offered for sale will be advertised on LOVEBIRD TRADER